Our Values

“Strengthening our regional agriculture and preserving traditional diversity is of great importance to us Florentines”

– Mauro Casini, Chief Production Officer of Grimaldo

The preservation of traditional craftsmanship, the combination of tradition and innovation and the implementation of sustainable responsibility are at the heart of our values.

We create unique, timeless pieces of jewelry that honor tradition, embody a perfect balance of innovation and are ethically produced with respect for the environment.

Our core values

Preserving heritage craftsmanship, embracing tradition and innovation, and practicing sustainable responsibility are at the core of our values. We create unique, timeless pieces that honor tradition, embody the perfect blend of innovation, and are ethically crafted with environmental harmony in mind.

Sustainability & responsibility

As custodians of precious and limited resources, we have embraced sustainability as a core value for over 50 years, integrating it into our company philosophy. We are committed to conducting the entire production process sustainably, in harmony with the environment, and with a strong focus on ethical practices.

Heritage & Manufactu­ring

Preserving the traditional craftsmanship rooted in the skilled artisans and the local region is crucial for the continued production of our unique pieces in heart of Florence.

In the rolling hills above Florence is our childhood home which houses a 2 hectare olive grove. For more than 20 years, our family has been custodians of the land with its Tuscan views and its ancient trees, some of which are centuries old.

Tuscany, with its mild and predominantly dry climate, has been considered an ideal growing area for olive trees since the Etruscans. The resulting Tuscan extra virgin olive oil with its fruity, mild and at the same time intense aroma, is rightly considered one of the most popular in the world.

“To be able to cultivate this olive grove in harmony with nature, without having to use it for a commercial purpose, we consider it a great privilege and we are so happy to be able to share this special olive oil with the Maison Grimaldo friends”, says Elisa and Moritz Casini.

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