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Grimaldo jewels are exclusively crafted in our atelier and goldsmith in Florence, adhering to the finest Italian goldsmith tradition. We strive for the perfect blend of creativity, style consistency, innovative technology, and craftsmanship, using only 18 kt yellow, white, and rose gold, corresponding to 750/1000 purity, to create our pieces.

Grimaldo ensures the gold and gems used in our jewelry come from transparent and ethical sources. Our gold is sourced from mines that comply with international sustainability and ethical standards. The diamonds are obtained from responsible suppliers, with a focus on ethical practices and environmental protection. The Casini family, leading Grimaldo Firenze, has built long-standing, personal relationships with these suppliers, ensuring the integrity of our supply chain and the quality of our materials.

Grimaldo is committed to sustainability and responsible sourcing. Our jewels are crafted with 100% responsible gold, obtained from certified mines or supply chains engaged in significant environmental sustainability projects. For over 50 years, sustainability has been a cornerstone of our philosophy, ensuring our production processes are in harmony with the environment and adhere to ethical practices. We strive to maintain a sustainable, respectful, and transparent relationship with our materials sources.
The term ‘hard stone’ is often incorrectly used to refer to semi-precious stones, distinguishing them from more precious stones like sapphires, rubies, diamonds, etc. All gemstones are classified by different indexes, including a hardness index, which indicates their resistance to scratching and chipping. Gemstones used in jewelry usually have a high hardness index, but as hard as a gemstone might be, it is still delicate when set in jewelry.
All diamonds in Grimaldo Collections are sourced from suppliers, aiming to establish a responsible supply chain that respects human rights, protects the environment, and follows proper management practices. White diamonds are of VVS-VS clarity and G-H color. For brown, yellow and pink diamonds, the 4C quality standard is not applicable, and their color ranges, clarity evels, brilliance, and cut are defined by Grimaldo.
Grimaldo offers customization options for selected pieces. Customers are encouraged to contact Grimaldo for a personal consultation to explore customization possibilities.
Your Grimaldo jewelry is designed for daily wear, showcasing durability alongside elegance. To maintain its beauty, clean it regularly with a soft cloth, avoid chemicals, and store securely to prevent scratches.
Yes, Grimaldo jewelry is waterproof, making it suitable for daily wear. However, like all fine jewelry, it is advisable to remove it before extended bathing or swimming to preserve its condition.

Each piece of Grimaldo jewelry comes with a certificate of authenticity, guaranteeing its genuineness. This ensures that you’re receiving a product of the highest standard, exclusive to our brand.

Yes, Grimaldo offers a limited warranty on jewelry against manufacturing defects. Customers should contact Grimaldo directly for specific details.

Grimaldo provides a comprehensive repair service for its jewelry pieces. Customers are advised to contact Grimaldo directly for an assessment and consultation regarding repairs.

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